Heather Manson, owner of Cashflow Bookkeeping & Admin Services has 30 years experience in legal and accounting roles in Melbourne and Coffs Harbour.

Heather started out as a secretary and progressed to a personal assistant, working for busy and time poor solicitor/s, prioritising workloads and organising their busy schedules – from making sure deadlines were met, maintaining appointments and “to do” lists.   Having worked in roles where accuracy and confidentiality is a major priority, these values have continued on to Cashflow Bookkeeping & Business Services.

With a background in legal, this gives a useful advantage, as there are many rules and regulations to be adhered to when in business.

Heather is familiar with setting up systems in an office environment, having worked in many offices in Melbourne and Coffs Harbour, some being quite large firms.

In 2002 Heather commenced working as a bookkeeper and since then has expanded to work for a variety of businesses gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.  

Heather Manson has a passion for small business solutions and passing on her knowledge to you the customer.  She works closely with the business owner/s to keep them advised and uptodate on the financial status of the business, also keeping a check on any corrective measures that may need to be taken.

Heather has completed the 6one5 Consulting Group ( Sales & Marketing Development Program whose philosophy is to increase profits by 6% and bring growth to the business.